7th- Graphic Design- Candy Bar

This project will put you in the position of a graphic designer as you work to create a new package design for your candy bar creation. You will use the design process to create your candy bar. For your final piece, you will use Pixlr to create your design. 

The Graphic Design Process

When starting a new design project, there are steps of the graphic design process to follow that will help you to achieve the best results. Rather than jump right into a graphics software program to try to create a final version, you can save yourself time and energy by first researching the topic, finalizing your content, starting with simple sketches and getting several rounds of approval on designs.

We will use the graphic design process above as a guide for this project.

WEEK 1- Steps 1-4

1. Define the task: 
What kind of bars will you make?
Who is your target audience?
What are your candy bars made out of?

2. Research
Gather ideas and make notes about candy bar design.

3. Brainstorming
Begin thinking about your idea. Use a mind map, play a word association game, or begin doodling. 
Here are 14 Creative Techniques for Graphic Designers if you need help brainstorming.  
Brainstorm at least 4 ideas for candy bars. 
 4 Different Names/Types/Images.

4. Sketching
Create your thumbnail sketches. 
Thumbnail sketches do not have to be in color and are not finished drawings. 
You should create at least 4 original ideas for this step. 

WEEK 2- Steps 5-8

5. Design Direction
Develop 3 of your ideas from your thumbnails. These ideas should be in full color.

6. Tight Sketch
This is your final design.

7. Client Review
Bring your tight sketch to be reviewed by the teacher.

8. Finalizing 
Finish your piece by wrapping the cardboard candy bar. 
After your wrap your bar, write a paragraph that describes your candy bar and glue it to the back of your bar. 

7th AR Standards: CR1.7.1 CR1.7.3 CR2.7.1 CR3.7.1 CN10.7.1

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